TABLE represents the more than 150,000 establishments in the United States that serve alcoholic beverages. The association provides support to owners and managers at independent and chain bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, spas, and banquet halls—every location where beverages are served.

President’s Welcome

Paul Garcia, TABLE President

“I want to personally thank you for demonstrating your willingness to run the best business possible. Just visiting with us demonstrates that you care about the health and strength of your business. It’s your job as the owner to set the course for your establishment. Our job is to help you navigate a path towards your goals.

Every member of the TABLE team has a passion. Whether it’s uncovering great products, digging into how to reach new patrons, reporting industry news, or selecting speakers for our training events, the team here is motivated to see you succeed. I spent over fifteen years on the floor in hospitality between bar, restaurant, hotel, and catering, from server to GM, before changing gears to fill a very real need we have in the bar industry.

I created TABLE to help business owners before you need a rescue. For independent bars and restaurants, TABLE is designed to be the ideal business coach—one who supports your operation with resources, training, planning, and strategic knowledge that fills in any areas where you have gaps. For chain establishments, we help you establish a strong place in your local market, take advantage of corporate resources, become one of the top-rated locations within your organization, and plan for expansion if that’s one of your goals.

The benefits we have designed are built to get you out from behind the bar and in front of your business. I hope you’ll continue to explore and learn about all that TABLE has to offer you.”

Paul Garcia


Training and Education

TABLE reaches out to members with opportunities for you and your staff to grow and advance. It’s why we partner with HCI to provide complimentary TIPS training as a core member benefit. The theme of continuous improvement runs through our organization. You’ll see it reflected in everything we do from finding the most relevant topics and knowledgeable speakers for our events to putting together the most useful information in our monthly owner packages.

Legislative Representation

You have a business to run, so we look out for your interests when it comes to legislative action. Members of TABLE also become full members of American Beverage Licensees (ABL). As a member of ABL, you will receive targeted information about upcoming issues that affect you. Whether it’s zoning changes, shifting requirements, or new taxes, we want to be sure you’re prepared to react quickly and have your voice heard when your business is affected.

Useful Events

TABLE hosts the national Beverage Business Expo in DC, annually in October. It is a terrific opportunity to stir it up with colleagues from around the country. Take advantage of 10 educational tracks with over 60 seminars, as well as live demonstrations designed to deliver practical ideas you can carry home. The Expo is unique among industry events with its “how-to” approach, focused on the business of running a successful beverage operation. You’ll be going home from the Expo with experiences and ideas to rejuvenate you and your business all year long.

Support for Owners

Beyond the helpful things associations usually provide to members, TABLE works hard to get you out in front of your business with support targeted to you as a business owner. We reach out to you every month with tools and techniques to fine tune your business. Your Bar Reference Guide is the centerpiece of your benefits. And each twelve-month program is designed specifically for you to reach your business goals.

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Shared Values


The Association of Bar & Lounge Establishments values the importance of meeting in person to raise a glass together. The tavern has a rich tradition as the place where everyone gathered to meet with neighbors, share stories, and enjoy a meal and a drink. Bar and lounge establishments break down barriers of class, race, gender, and politics by introducing us to unexpected people and ideas. The bar industry does not just serve spirits—we support the human spirit. A cornerstone of the social good is upheld when people come together to connect in good spirits.