17 Jan What’s Wrong With This Photo?

Can you find ten things wrong in this picture? Are they the same ten we found? You can show off in the comments below.

1) Incandescent lights heating the top-shelf liquor burn off the alcohol content

2) The manual ring cash register indicates no POS system

3) Pouring just one drink at a time causes backups at a busy bar

4) The $5 “Wheel of Misfortune” doesn’t push high margin drinks like a drink menu would

5) No one has cleaned the grime under the glassware shelf liners recently

6) Those warning signs on back wall are too small to read

7) Rope lights are awfully unflattering to customers

8) $20 minimum to use credit cards deters casual customers

9) Every drink should be served with a cocktail napkin

10) The bartender has not earned the right to tuck her jeans into her boots

Thanks to our friends at the Iron Horse http://www.ironhorsenyc.com for being great sports with this terrific image.

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