04 Mar What’s Wrong With This Photo?

Can you find ten things wrong in this picture? Are they the same ten we found? You can show off in the comments below.

1) Orange cones are not a very specific warning.

2) Bar stools are too low for the bar.

3) Reptiles don’t make good overhead décor, their underbellies are boring.

4) Bar stools with backs make it difficult to have a conversation with other bar patrons.

5) Door swing direction may injure unaware patrons when opened suddenly.

6) Coin-op snacks consume bartender’s time, repeatedly making small change.

7) Painted bar name is rather understated.

8) No menus or table tents on bar top to encourage ordering—or even napkins.

9) Green lighting is the most unflattering color to patrons.

10) Dancing robots on a wet floor are dangerous.

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