03 Jun Checking In

The Beverage Business Expo is welcoming hotel beverage professionals to the Expo with strategies to make your F&B offerings compelling outlets your guests want to check into. Beyond a bed to sleep on, F&B is the defining benefit of a hotel. But up until now, the “B” part hasn’t been getting the same attention that the “F” has gotten. The educational track for hotels at the BBExpo focuses on how to turn beverage service into a differentiator—the kind of offering your guests not only rave about, but one they specifically come back for.

Educational sessions serve the specialized needs of the Hotel beverage professional, with a track focusing on hotel beverage service. If your guests prefer to enjoy their food and beverage service in their rooms, execute in-room service that doesn’t leave their drinks warm, flat, or watered down. Transform the drab hotel bar image, and create a popular identity independent of your host location. Should your hotel’s bar be the place your neighbors regularly come out to, or is it more of a destination attraction? Professionals focused on the bottom line will be particularly interested in the session on deciding between a business model of restaurant with a bar—or bar that also serves food. The Expo also helps hoteliers develop policies and procedures around legal and liability issues when dealing with the occasional misbehaved patron.

The Beverage Business Expo will be held in Washington D.C. this October 20-21 at the Washington, DC Convention Center. Register now at www.bevbizexpo.com/register and up your game with your fellow hotel beverage colleagues.

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