25 Jun Whats Wrong With This Photo?

Can you find ten things wrong in this picture? Are they the same ten we found? You can show off in the comments below.sip1

  1. There are only 72 seats, so you may wait in the motel lobby for an hour to get in, especially on weekend nights
  2. You will hear “Sweet Caroline” requested and played again at least 5 times a night in terrible acoustics
  3. The wrap around bar unfortunately occupies about two-thirds of the space
  4. Daryl Hannah’s signature (she did dress as a mermaid and swim in the pool here) is no longer on the glass since it cracked in 2004 and could have let in 22,000 gallons of water, drowning the bar
  5. It’s Great Falls, MT, so even in July it will only be 51F on the patio in the eveningsipndip10
  6. If you’re there outside “mermaid hours” you might see some more beastly swimmers in the pool, like comedian Ron White
  7. 81-year old “Piano Pat” has a scandalous relationship with a much younger 52-year-old tip jar who pays for all kinds of extravagances
  8. The bowling alley style furniture and carpet looks like it’s original from 1962
  9. Woven bamboo ceilings notoriously collect dust and dirt that can fall in your drinks and food
  10. After drinking a gargantuan $30 fishbowl cocktail, you may believe you’re in a David Lynch movie


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