Author: Paul @ TABLE


26 May Armagnac Anxiety

We may have gotten through Wine 101, and we’re even getting a little cocky about beer and whisky, but show Americans a bottle of brandy and our old-world inferiority complex comes roaring back to life. Two of my close friends have a thing for Armagnac, maybe...

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13 Apr What’s Wrong With This Photo?

Can you find ten things wrong in this picture? Are they the same ten we found? You can show off in the comments below. 1) Bug spray for customer use leaves chemical reside fly swatters wouldn’t 2) Ashtrays are full 3) Several prescription medications sitting behind the bar 4) “Wahou”...

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13 Apr Brew Better

Hellbender brings Craft to High Efficiency Brewing We found the second domestic brewery, ever, to have a small-scale, high-efficiency brewing system, right in our backyard. If you want to brew like the big brewers do, now you can, and the guys at Hellbender Brewing Company will...

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26 Mar Singapore Sling

The turn of the 20th century was a time for inventing. The Wright brothers built the first working airplane. Henry Ford used the first conveyor belt-based assembly line in his car factory. However, the man we’re currently giving some credit to is Ngiam Tong Boon,...

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26 Mar Sugar Your Rim

When customers order a certain cocktail, like a margarita, it’s traditional to serve it in a salt or sugar rimmed glass. But the presentation is always a bit more fun when the salt or sugar is brightly colored, right? What about if the granules on...

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