How much does it cost to join?

Your membership dues depend on the number of physical locations you are enrolling. For establishments your headquarters or single location enrollment is $365/year. Additional locations are $235/year for each physical location.

Can I join online?

Yes. Use our easy online enrollment form to join today.

Can I download a membership form?

If you need to pay by check, you may download the membership enrollment form here.

Can you bill me?

We do not bill new members. Once you are enrolled, you will receive an annual reminder to renew your membership and pay your dues either through your member portal online or by mail.

Can I pay in monthly installments?

Annual membership dues must be paid in full to complete enrollment or renewal.

What are the different membership categories?

Establishment—for bars, hotels, restaurants, coffee/tea houses, cafés, caterers, casinos, cruise ships, brew pubs, nightclubs, private clubs, airlines, passenger trains, golf courses, amusement parks, convention halls, fraternal organizations, military clubs, winery tasting rooms, arts organizations, fairgrounds, bottle clubs, bed and breakfasts, concert halls, and any venue where beverage service is an important part of business

Allied—for any companies, including industry suppliers, distributors, business leagues, and consultants, that supply goods or services to the industry

How many members do you have?

TABLE actively maintains a database of every liquor license holder in the country, although not all members have a liquor license. About two thirds of members consider themselves both food and beverage establishments. TABLE does not share membership data with the public. We know a lot about each beverage establishment whether they are currently members or not. Some of your membership benefits include industry reports which include information from the annual member survey, as well as broader industry information.

Is your membership list for sale?

TABLE only rents its comprehensive database of every liquor license holder in the country. That data set does not include proprietary membership information. Also, such list rentals do not enable the user to copy any contact information.

Do you offer a trial membership?

Not directly. Soon, if you join one of our partner organizations first, you may be offered a trial membership with TABLE as part of their membership benefits. We are currently negotiating combined membership options with other organizations we believe will provide a valuable extension of benefits for our own members.

Are my membership dues tax deductible?

No. TABLE is not a charity organization. We are also not a lobbying organization. Your dues are likely considered a business expense. Contact your tax advisor for specific advice.

If I have more than one location but want to only enroll one, can I do that?

Your business derives the maximum benefit when all locations actively participate in the programs that come with membership and coordinate efforts. Each location faces different challenges in operations, with different guests, and different staffing. While some benefits target the company as a whole, many target specific locations. If you choose not to reveal additional locations when you enroll, you will encounter obvious limitations when you attempt to share resources with additional locations that are not enrolled.

The enrollment form only asks me about one location but I have multiple. How do I enter the others?

Instructions for updating your membership profile with other locations and contacts will be included in your Membership Kit once enrollment is processed. You will be able to complete these steps online through your member portal.

If I open another location during my membership year, is the additional location fee prorated?

No, each location would be on its own renewal calendar based on the date of enrollment.

Can TABLE rescue my bar?

We want you to succeed and have many tools to help you conquer issues you may have with your establishment. Individual attention is available to active members at significantly subsidized rates. Each situation is unique and we cannot guess what amount of support you may require until you engage us to analyze your business issues. Even without individual consulting, membership gives you access to many resources you can use on your own to improve your business. Many members think of TABLE like a corporate parent, delivering the kind of support you would otherwise expect from a franchisor or headquarters, someone with experience who is there to help you succeed and learn. Success depends on your active and continuous participation in resolving issues that are harming or hindering your business.

Do additional locations also get TIPS training for three employees?

Yes, each location enrolled will receive three TIPS training vouchers to be used during the membership year.

Can I use TIPS training vouchers from one location for employees at a different location?

Yes, so long as both locations are enrolled, you may add employees to your membership profile and assign the training vouchers to any among your covered membership locations.

Can I sell my TIPS training vouchers if I don’t need or want them?

No, we consider TIPS training a foundation for all member establishments. Only staff members you add in your membership profile can participate in TIPS training through TABLE. Training completion certificates will only be sent to your enrolled address. We don’t want you to waste training opportunities, even if it may be a repeat of training or scheduled earlier than required by law or insurance. The refreshed training can only benefit your business, plus you’ll be sure to keep current with any changes in regulations.

Where and when is TIPS training available?

Training sessions are scheduled approximately every two months in most major metropolitan areas. Other in-person training sessions can be requested if there are enough participants, in any location. Additional sessions are scheduled where there is regular demand. Instructions are in your Membership Kit for using training vouchers.

My establishment is not near any of your TIPS training locations. How do I get trained?

If your enrolled location is outside a reasonable driving distance from one of the training centers and you do not plan to send enough employees to warrant a specially scheduled training session at a closer location, your in-person training voucher can be converted to an online TIPS training voucher.

Can I attend training if I am not a member?

Yes. Anyone can join public training sessions we schedule. If you join TABLE within two weeks of attending one of our training programs, your training fees will be credited towards your membership dues and be at the member training rate. For example, if you send six employees to one of TABLE’s TIPS training sessions and pay $300, and then you join TABLE a week later, using your three free TIPS training vouchers, plus your half-price additional employee training discount would give you a credit of $225 towards TABLE membership dues.

Can I use my TIPS training vouchers for any TIPS training session anywhere?

Vouchers must be used to book training sessions specifically scheduled and hosted by TABLE, not other TIPS trainers.

If I register for the Beverage Business Expo and later join TABLE, will you refund part of my payment for Expo participation?

As long as you join TABLE before the Expo date, your previous registration fee will count towards the combined membership and registration price offered to members.

How do I ask a different question about membership that wasn’t answered here?

Send us email.