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Your benefits focus on the top 6 skills you must have to succeed.

As soon as you complete your membership application we put your welcome box in the mail. You get your own Bar Reference Guide, and it’s time to get started. We reach out to you every month with step-by-step tools and instructions on how to use them to enhance your business.

As a TABLE member, you get:

  • access to new product announcements
  • industry legislative alerts
  • our favorite “how-to” information
  • discounts on attending industry events
  • offers for receiving industry publications

Then we take it to a whole other level…

We start by paying for TIPS training for up to three of your employees.

TIPS® (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) is designed for servers at restaurants, bars, and hotels. Employees learn strategies that ensure responsible alcohol service, promote professionalism, and enhance customer service skills. Our partnership with TIPS is one important way we are investing in your success.

Then the main event is your own Bar Reference Guide

It’s a kit we put together for our top consulting clients. (We charge upwards of $9,000 when we build these reports as bar industry consultants.) Most bar owners are DIY entrepreneurs. We figured out that we could help so many more bar owners if we gave you the option to complete the steps yourself. As a bonus, you get to dig deep into the details of your business. You’ll know it’s working, and how to extend your success.

You receive a TABLE box every month

Your monthly mailing comes with custom information to add to your Bar Reference Guide. Each twelve-month program is designed to invigorate your business. We’ve broken down those business planning projects you can never find time for into easy one-hour tasks for busy bar owners.

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The 10 sections below are all included

to jumpstart your business:

Three-Part Marketing Action Program

Customer Communications Plan report cover

Customer Communications Plan

The Customer Communications Plan brings together your in-store and online messaging, so you can craft effective outreach strategies. This report brings together who you want to reach and what action you want them to take with specific tactics to activate customers for your success.

Use this report to: Communicate effectively to get customers in the door and keep them coming back.

Brand Strategy report cover

Brand Strategy

The Brand Strategy looks at the message all the parts of your business are representing. Then it pulls together everything—product mix, décor, attire, signage, layout, service level, how you talk about your business—identifies areas you want to adjust, and brings consistency between all of these.

Use this report to: Make every part of your customers’ experience accurately reflect your intention.

Advertising Portfolio report cover

Advertising Portfolio

Most business owners struggle with how to evaluate advertising opportunities. The Advertising Portfolio allows you to be proactive about what you want out of advertising, instead of reactive to individual opportunities. You’ll identify specific goals, review the channels that best match those goals, and set expectations for results.

Use this report to: Make smart decisions about when, where, and how much to advertise—and how to assess the results.

Three-Part Sales Battle Plan

Profitability Matrix report cover

Profitability Matrix

TABLE provides every member with a beverage business Profitability Matrix that walks you through the process of selling the right product mix at the right price. If you understand costing, we will help you maximize profit. If you don’t, we walk you through the process to cost your menus with you.

Use this report to: Maximize the profitability of the products you sell to your customers.

Product Mix Review report cover

Product Mix Review

Our Product Mix Review gives you a clear way to evaluate your bar menu choices so you can offer the right products to your patrons. The Review helps you make clever inventory choices, identify gaps and overlaps, and pinpoint what’s moving and what’s not moving.

Use this report to: Put together the optimal combination of products to sell, while reducing inventory costs.

Menu Presentation Analysis report cover

Menu Presentation Analysis

Physical menus are essential, whether that’s table tents, a board of daily specials, or a full menu you hand to customers. Our Menu Presentation Analysis digs into the layout and content of your menu to guide patrons toward choosing the most profitable items and combinations.

Use this report to: Increase the profitability of your menus.

Operational Planning and Execution

Business Diagnostic Report cover

Business Diagnostic Report

We love checklists. The Business Diagnostic Report shows you how to use your checklists to get expert feedback on your business processes. Start with your own managers’ opening and closing checklists, or work from our starter lists. Wherever you are in the process of getting and staying organized, we help you take the pulse of your business. The result is a specific operational plan that aligns your processes with your goals. That way, when you ask your team to follow procedures, you both know they are in line with your goals and current industry best practices.

Use this report to: Organize your business into a guiding operational plan you and your team can rely on.

Work the Par Action Plan report cover

Work the Par Action Plan

Once your operational plan is in place, TABLE helps you work the plan. Your Work the Par action plan helps you identify likely blockers and maximize the efficiency of your beverage operation. You set par levels specific to your establishment, day of the week, and shift. And then use your reconciliation report (or the X, Y, and Z reports from your POS) to break down activity for ongoing adjustment. It’s a proven method that helps you set standards specific to your business, and then measure your success week after week.

Use this report to: Set benchmarks meaningful to your success and see your progress towards them each week.

Team Leadership Program

KSI Diagnostic report cover

KSI Diagnostic

Those of us in the beverage industry like interacting with people and do it well. The KSI Diagnostic (Knowledge, Skills, and Interests) gathers information about your team members, what they know, where they might need help, and how they can best contribute to your business. Use the results to evaluate your team members individually and as a group. Get a clear picture of how well team members match the roles they are in, how to use their skills best, and where any gaps are. This Diagnostic gets the most out of the team you have, builds them up, and helps you assemble your dream team.

Use this report to: Position each of your staff members according to their abilities and interests, for their success—and yours.

Leader Personality report cover

Leader Personality Report

Being a great leader in hospitality can be very different from being a great corporate leader, so typical leadership tests aren’t a great fit for our industry. TABLE offers a detailed Leader Personality Report based on the Enneagram that we find works better. Our goal is to make you successful in your chosen career, and this report offers helpful perspective. Even experienced managers (in fact, especially experienced managers) benefit from zeroing in on their motivations, likely triggers, and suggestions for turning around negative reactions.

Use this report to: Grow as a business owner and lead your team comfortably towards your goals.